Dry Soluble Nutrients

Ultra PK

Professional PK for vigorous and robust flower development.

Vigorous Flowering

High quality concentrated phosphores and potassium.

Better soluble

Better dry soluble nutrient provides better uptake.

Denser Yields

Results in steady growth and heavy flowering throughout the generative phase.

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      Add Ultra PK Dry Soluble Flower Additive to your water reservoir with lukewarm water (22°C.) Keep the water in motion for optimal dissolution. 

      1 tbsp. (tablespoon/ 15-ml)
      - Transition Stage: Start your dosage  with 1 tsp. to 100 Liter of water 

      - Gradually  increase your dosage with 1 tsp. per week.

      - Flowering stage: Add 1 tbsp. to 100 Liter of water. 

      Bulk ratings:

      - Transition stage: 250 gr. to 3000 Liter of water

      - Flowering stage: 500 gr.. to 3000 Liter of water

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      Ammonium Nitrate


      Available Phosphorus


      Soluble Potash



      Do not contaminate water, food or feed by storage, disposal or cleaning of equipment. Keep cool. Dispose of unused product and empty package in accordance with federal, state and local regulations materials. 

      How to make your 1:100 concentrated liquid solution

      A complete and good nutritional solution is essential for precision cultivation. Gold Label Dry Soluble contains the best soluble fertilizers, excellent for producing  your own complete and stable concentrated solution, suitable for automatic insertion into irrigation systems

      -Recommended concentration: 33.3 gr on 1 Liter. Use hot-warm water (40˚C)

      -Stir well and enduring for good dissolution

      -Dosage: 2.5 - 7.5 ml per Liter

      -Gradually increase your dosage

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