Dry Soluble Nutrients

Base A

A dry and easy-soluble, two component mineral fertilizer for professional use.

Dry soluble Base A 25 lbs bucket
Dry soluble Base A 40 lbs bucket

Ready-to-use mixed composition

A complete mix for all stages of development.


Gold Label soluble dissolves excellently in the water solution for perfect nutritional gift.

Efficiency in use

Efficiency from the start with dosages of 1 tbsp. to 100 Liter water

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      Add Gold Label Base A Base B separately into your water reservoir with lukewarm water (22⁰C/ 71.6⁰F). 

      Keep the water in motion for optimal dissolution.

      Recommended dosage: 1 – 2 tablespoon (±36-72 gr) / per 100L water.*

      *Adapt your dosage of nutrients to the available water supply and to the environmental standards to achieve desired EC values. 

      Check your water supply EC before mixing nutrients.

      Bulk ratings
      Vegetative stage: 500gr. to 3000 Liter water

      Flowering stage: 1kg. to 3000 Liter water

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      Prepare your own concentrate (1:100)

      A complete and good nutritional solution is essential for precision cultivation. Gold Label Dry Soluble contains the best soluble fertilizers, excellent for producing  your own complete and stable concentrated solution, suitable for automatic insertion into irrigation systems

      -Recommended concentration: 33.3 gr on 1 Liter. Use hot-warm water (40˚C)

      -Stir well and enduring for good dissolution

      -Dosage: 5 - 25 ml per Liter

      -Gradually increase your dosage

      Store in a dry place. Store in a closed container. Protect material from direct sunlight. KEEP SUBSTANCE AWAY FROM: heat sources. Keep away from food, drink and animal feeding stuffs. Store away from incompatible materials. 

Dry Soluble Nutrients

Professional dry soluble base and stimulator line

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