Professional Projects

Each project has its own characteristics and requirements and will therefore have specific wishes with regard to the best choice of plant substrates. Gold Label is specialized in the production and development of any specific substrate product for any type of crop in all growth stages. Whether it is for young plants or for potting the plants in the greenhouse, we guarantee a top quality product. Your successful result in our focus!


Gold Label Hydrocorn is the only RHP certified clay pebble substrate worldwide!

Gold Label has the longest experience with special clay granules for 'hydro cultivation'. This extensive product knowledge is used to ensure  top quality and granules in various shapes is guaranteed. Gold Label only works with the highest quality clay granules and has received various quality marks for this. Expanded Clay Granule as a substrate are interesting as a substrate because of the long duration, the aeration and the fact that it is a really clean substrate. 

Peat substrates

For all growth stages, for every crop.

Our peat substrates are mixed from the highest quality virgin Swedish Sphagnum peat with the most excellent properties. The water-retaining capacity of our peat substrate is particularly high and contains the properties for a guaranteed good start and continuation of your cultivation program.


Gold Label Coco meets the strict requirements of every professional cultivator.

Our coir substrate consists of the best selection of raw and fine coconut fibre that has been washed and buffered in the Netherlands under strict supervision of local authorities. With this we offer a very high quality product, with the best specifications and cleanest quality available on the market.

Efficient Nutrition!

A complete and sustainable nutrition program is essential for the success of a cultivation enterprise, this is where Gold Label takes her work very seriously. We produce plant nutrients for all size projects, either small or large, the quality standard will always be guaranteed. 

Available bags: 11.34kg/ 25lbs and 25kg/ 55lbs

Available big bags : 450kg/ 992lbs and 900kg/ 1984lbs.

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