Start Your Seedlings Right with Gold Label Coco PlugsGold Label is proud to present our coco plugs, conveniently packaged in trays of 77 and 104. Designed for ease and efficiency in seed propagation, these plugs are the perfect starting point for your gardening success

Optimised Root Development

Our coco plugs are formulated to provide a perfect balance of aeration and moisture retention, critical factors in the early stages of root development. The natural properties of coco coir promote healthy root growth and reduce the risk of root diseases.


Made from sustainable, coco coir, our plugs are an environmentally friendly choice that minimises your carbon footprint while providing your plants with a natural growing medium.

Ready to Use

Pre-formed and fitted into handy trays of 104, each coco plug is ready to receive your seeds—no prep required. This means a cleaner setup with minimal hassle, ideal for both beginners and large-scale operations.

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      1. Moisten the Plugs: Gently water the coco plugs until they are evenly moist but not waterlogged.
      2. Sow Your Seeds: Place your seeds into the small hole at the top of each plug. Typically, one seed per plug is recommended to avoid overcrowding and competition.
      3. Provide the Right Environment: Keep your tray in a warm, humid environment to encourage germination. A propagation dome or cover can help maintain the necessary humidity.
      4. Transplant with Ease: Once your seedlings have established a solid root system, they can be easily transplanted to larger pots or your garden without disturbing the roots, thanks to the natural biodegradability of the coco plugs.

      Gold Label Coco Plugs are versatile for starting vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more. They provide an excellent growth foundation, ensuring your plants start strong and stay healthy through to maturity.

      Why Opt for Gold Label Coco Plugs?

      • Uniformity and Consistency: Each plug is identically formulated to ensure uniform seed growth across your entire tray. This consistency is vital for professional growers looking to achieve predictable and repeatable results.
      • High Water Retention: Coco coir's natural ability to hold water reduces the frequency of watering and ensures that your seedlings receive a steady supply of moisture, crucial in the critical germination

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