LED Nutrients

Ultra LED No.3 Boost

Healthy Roots, Better Fruits

High-quality Phosphorus and Potassium

For strong roots and vibrant blooms

Compatible with Gold Label's Professional Range

And all substrates

Specially designed

for high EC-irrigation and cooler LED grow rooms

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      Shake before use. Add Gold Label LED No.3 Boost in the flowering stage to the irrigation water.

      Never mix pure nutrients together.


      0.5ml - 1.5ml / per litre of water.

      Complete feeding schedules www.goldlabel.nl

      When it's time to boost your flowering plants, Ultra LED No.3 Boost is your go-to. Specially formulated for the flowering stage, it's the perfect third component in our concentrated nutrient series, especially under LED lighting.

      Why Ultra LED No.3 Boost?

      High-quality Phosphorus and Potassium for strong roots and vibrant blooms.

      Compatible with all substrates and Gold Label's Professional Range.

      Specially designed for high EC-irrigation and cooler LED grow rooms.

      Elevate Your Grow with Ultra LED No.3 Boost

      Rely on our commitment to innovation and quality. With Ultra LED No.3 Boost, you're not just growing plants; you're cultivating excellence.

      Keep bottle closed when not in use.Liquid to remain in bottles originally supplied. Keep away from frost and direct light. Product at risk of crystal formation at low temperature. Recommended storage temperature 5 - 35'C

LED Nutrients

Get the perfect nutrients balance when growing with LED lighting.

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