Single Hydroponic Substrates


Natural volcanic rock, treated to become lightweight and porous. Ideal as an addition to other substrates.

White perlite bag 100 liter

Wide Applications

Absorbs moisture, creates air pockets and helps retain heat.


Helps to prevent soil compaction.


Long-lasting, stable and completely organic.

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      Perlite is the ideal, supplemental substrate for holding air and moisture while reducing compaction and giving your plants a healthy combination of oxygen and water availability.


      Used as a supplemental media for soil and coco to improve water retention and oxygenation, while also helping to reduce the effects of compaction, which can occur with regular and heavy-handed top feeding schedules.


      Completely organic and plant safe, this amendment should be in every soil and coco growers media.

      EN Litres

      Due to the strongly increased international trade, a mandatory European standardized system has been introduced since 2000 (EN-12850 Soil-improvers and growing media - Determination of quantity). The EN volume is measured according to an internationally standardized method, whereby the specific density and humidity are decisive.

Single Hydroponic Substrates

Single ingredient substrates that offer extra control.

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