Ultra PK

Professional PK for vigorous and robust flower development.

Powerful Flowering

Supercharged PK uptake across a wide range of pH.

Increased Quality

Enhances absorption of Calcium, Magnesium and microelements.

Denser Yields

Results in steady growth and heavy flowering throughout the generative phase.

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      Shake well before use.

      Never mix pure nutrients together, always dilute in water.

      Add 0.25ml - 0.5ml Gold Label Ultra PK per litre of water during the flowering phase.

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      Keep out of reach of children.

      Keep bottle closed when not in use.

      Liquid to remain in bottles originally supplied.

      Keep away from frost and direct light.

      Product at risk of crystal formation at low temperature. Recommended storage temperature 5 - 30°C.

      The innovative Super FK formula, allows our Ultra PK to be up-taken across the broadest pH range. Additionally, our enhanced PK doesn't interfere with Calcium or Magnesium uptake resulting in healthy growth and flowering throughout the generative phase.

      Optimal Uptake

      Traditionally, PK would interfere with calcium and magnesium uptake, which would require the addition of a cal/mag additive to prevent deficiencies. We don't need such additives due to our use of Super FK, which allows continued uptake of competing elements and micronutrients. 

      Professional quality

      Ultra PK delivers phosphorus and potassium during the generative phase, to increase flower development and fruit production, allowing the plant to reach its full potential. It does this while simultaneously increasing plant quality and essential oil production for professional quality and yields.

      Universal Application

      The professional Ultra PK will keep drip lines clean, can be used with all media's, systems and as part of any nutrient regime. 

      For the best results, use as part of the complete Gold Label range.


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