pH Management

Ultra pH-

Complete pH control for precise nutrient uptake management.


Phosphoric acid reduces to phosphorus.

Increased Nitrogen

Nitric acid reduces to nitrogen.


Sulphuric acid reduces to sulphur.

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      Shake well before use.

      Open and handle package with care.

      Mix fertilizers first before adding PH-. Add in small doses until the pH adjusts to the desired values.

      Prevent splashing. Always add acid to water, never the other way around.

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      Nitric Acid


      Phosphoric Acid


      Sulphuric Acid



      Keep out of reach of children.

      Keep bottle closed when not in use.

      Liquid to remain in bottles originally supplied.

      Keep away from frost and direct light.

      Recommended storage temperature 5 - 30°C.

      The blend of acids we use in Ultra pH- ensures there will be no toxicities when applied throughout your growing and flowering cycle.

      Balanced Nutrient Profile

      The combination of three acids ensures you get an even balance that won't disrupt your nutrient profile.

      Hard Water Benefit

      The additional benefit to growers in hard water areas, is the reduction of build-up from the phosphorus reacting with calcium, as it can in concentrated phosphoric acids products.


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