Virgin Peat Substrates

Special Mix Light Slabs

Easy to use, quick set-up and all the benefits of growing in soil without any hassle.

No Pots Needed

No pots needed becaue the bag is your pot.


Easy to transport.

Drip Irrigation

Great as a quick setup drip irrigation system.

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      Keep covered, in a dry, well-ventilated space.

      Keep away from direct sunlight.

      This grow slab contains 15 litres of Light Mix and requires feeding from the start of the plant's life cycle. 

      Dripper system

      The slabs are designed for drip irrigation growers. They don't require pots, and you simply cut the bag, position where they are needed and start growing. They come in 15-litre slabs and offer all of the benefits you would expect from our Special Mix substrate.

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