Virgin Peat Substrates

Special Mix Custom No Perlite

Light peat substrate without perlite but with added coco. Perfect for organic growing and recycling in the garden.

Ideal For Young Plants

Quicker rooting than nutrient heavy mixes.

Water Retention

High-quality virgin Swedish peat for great water retention.


Use with mineral or organic nutrients.

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      Keep covered, in a dry, well-ventilated space.

      Keep away from direct sunlight.

      Gold Label Special Mix Light Custom is for growers who prefer to add the nutrients themselves throughout the cycle.

      Controlled Nutrition

      Custom no perlite offers all the benefits of Special Mix without the perlite but with added coco.

      Organic Growing

      This special blend is perfect for organic growing, when consistent moisture levels allow mycorrhiza and beneficial microbes to thrive, a crucial aspect of growing successfully with organics.

      EN Litres

      Due to the strongly increased international trade, a mandatory European standardized system has been introduced since 2000 (EN-12850 Soil-improvers and growing media - Determination of quantity). The EN volume is measured according to an internationally standardized method, whereby the specific density and humidity are decisive.

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