Gold Label


Gold Label offers you the best possible substrate in the market. Whether you prefer a well fertilized peat substrate, a light mix or a hydro style substrate such as coco or clay pebbles, Gold Label will turn your crop into gold. All our substrates are RHP certified.

Virgin Peat Substrates

Special Mix

Our flagship product Special Mix has been on the market for over 20 years and optimized for almost a complete cycle. It is a rich substrate with a unique structure for optimum results.

Special Mix Light

If you prefer to add your nutrients yourself then Special Mix Light is the substrate of choice. It contains the same high quality ingredients and has the same unique structure as Special Mix, with enough quality nutrients for a healthy start for your crop. 

Special Mix Custom

Light peat substrate without perlite but with added coco. Perfect for organic grows and recycling in the garden.

Single Hydro Substrates


Buffered coco peat, the finest quality, RHP certified. A stable substrate based on the fine fibres of the coco husk.


Inert clay pebbles with a unique rough structure for better stability and root development. Developed for horticulture. The ideal clay pebble for your hydroponic systems

Mixed Hydro Substrates

60/40 Mix

Hydrocorn and Coco are an ideal match for high water capacity, lower watering frequency and better rooting.

80/20 Mix  

The advantages of Hydrocorn and Coco in this substrate are fast rooting, good water capacity and capillary action.