Gold Label

Additives & Adjustment

 Throughout our three nutrient lines we use just 4 additives:

With these added components you are able to give your crop exactly what it needs in every development stage.

Gold Label Roots is a highly concentrated root and growth stimulator with biological extracts of kelp, humic acids and high quality amino acids. Use Gold Label Roots for seedlings and cuttings through the vegetative phase of growth.

Gold Label Ultra Mg is a nitrogen / magnesium additive for all plant development stages. It contains high quality magnesium chelate which is easily absorbed by your crop in a wide pH range. Use continuously on inert substrates and as a replenishment on peat and compost substrates.

Gold Label Ultra PK is a flowering additive based on advanced polyphosphates and chelated trace elements. Use in combination with all Gold Label Base Nutrients.

Gold Label Enzymes is a professional highly concentrated enzyme additive based on natural enzymes. Use Gold Label Enzyme once a week, 0.1ml/litre or according to feeding schedule.


Nutrient Adjustment

Gold Label pH- is a universal acid for the adjusting of pH levels of nutrient solutions. Add last to your nutrients solution, reduce pH carefully in small steps and stir well before measuring. Use in the vegetative and flowering period.