Gold Label


In The Netherlands the RHP foundation is responsible for the certification of substrates for consumer and horticulture. If you buy RHP certified substrates, the complete process from base material to production and storage is guaranteed. There are two main RHP labels, one for consumers and one for horticulture. Companies, who bear the RHP-Horticulture, have to be verified by a certification institute (CI). This CI is therefore accredited by the Accreditation Board. ECAS is the only CI with accreditation for the RHP quality mark. The requirements of the products are such that it complies with the demands and/or questions from the professional grower.

Substrates and substrate components that carry the RHP quality mark Horticulture satisfy the highest chemical and physical requirements, are low in weeds and free of pathogenic germs, this all to guarantee a safe and reliable application at the grower. The RHP quality mark guaranties quality, stability and crop safety.